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Optimize Your Nonprofits Investments With Wealth Management Services

Nonprofits must carefully manage their limited financial resources. Donor’s expect their gifts to be professionally and diligently utilized. The farther a dollar can be stretched, the more lives are impacted. This approach goes far beyond managing the investment reserves of the organization.  It can and should include management of retirement plans, having a professional cash management system, and performing an active foundation and reserve spending analysis.

Investment Management for Nonprofits 

Wiser Advisor Group will work with the organization to develop and implement an integrated approach to managing the investment reserves of the agency.  We can help identify the appropriate investment structure, ensure investment, gift acceptance, and windfall policies are in place and followed.  

Some agencies have chosen to implement an investment strategy that is in line with the organizations service area and objectives.  Your Wiser Advisor Group advisor can help craft and implement those guidelines.

Cash Management for Nonprofits

Many nonprofits feel like Cash Management programs are too complicated and too resource intensive for an agency of their size.  The advisors at Wiser Advisor Group can help the agency and the board craft a program that can be implemented for any group that maintains a cash balance of more than 60 days on hand.  These programs can be implemented with minimal impact to the existing staff.

Retirement Plan Management for Nonprofits

Wiser Advisor Group can help the agency implement a new retirement plan or can be added as the broker on any existing retirement plan.  With over 30 years of service in the nonprofit industry we have a real passion for helping the employees prepare for retirement.  If the overhead and administrative burden of a plan has kept the organization on the sidelines, Wiser Advisor Group advisors can show designs that will have a light touch on the existing finance and Human Resources departments.

Our assistance with implemented programs goes beyond 401k plans, we can assist with 403b, 457, 409a, Split-Dollar, Keogh, Corporate 529 plans, and Profit Sharing

Planned Giving Assistance

With our experience with both Nonprofits and Business Exits, the Wiser Advisor Group has gathered a number of tools together to handle most complex giving situations that may arise.  More importantly we understand that the most frequent Planned Giving actions are simple to design, build and implement.  See the article Planned Giving in 2.5 Minutes for some ideas.  Wiser Advisor Group advisors are available to work with the staff, board, and donors to understand and implement successful strategies. 

Additional Counseling Services

Often our relationships with nonprofits start with counseling and advice.  As financial advisors to a number of nonprofits we are able to observe best practices in the industry.  We enjoy being able to share our experiences and our observations with other organizations. At times, this interaction has led into providing training to boards, speaking engagements with donors, or a variety of other steps. 

Together, our firm and your organization can assess the following:

Investment Management

Cash Management

Retirement Plan Management

Board Training and Counseling

Impact Investing and Policy Review

Donated Stock Receiving Account

Planned Giving Programs and Strategies

Do you want to improve the efficacy of your nonprofit's investment reserves? If so, Wiser Advisor Group is ready to help. Contact us at 480-231-6660 or via our website to arrange a consultation.

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