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Use Financial Planning To Optimize Your Cash Management

For Business Owners, often the business is the largest single asset they own.  Having an advisor that understands individual wealth management, estate planning, tax mitigation approaches, business sale techniques, and how to efficiently operate the financial resources of the business provides for a great partnership. 

Retirement Plan and Non-Qualified Plan Management

Wiser Advisor Group can help design, implement and manage your qualified and non-qualified plans.  We can craft a new retirement plan or can be added as the broker on any existing retirement plan. If the overhead and administrative burden of a plan is a burden, then our Pooled Employer Plan may be a great solution. 

Our assistance with implemented programs goes beyond 401k plans, Deferred Comp Plans, Split-Dollar, Keogh, Corporate 529 plans, and Profit Sharing.

Cash Management

Cash Management programs are a basic building block for companies.  Unfortunately, most commerical bankers have too many clients to effectively run a program until the corporation has around $10 million in free cash.  As your advisor, we are able to operate these programs regardless of business size.  The program can be implemented with minimal impact to the existing staff.

Business Exit Planning

As Certified Exit Planning Advisors, we are able to work with the leadership of the organization to prepare for an exit.  There are many strategies that can be implemented, some are better for transferring ownership to a family member, others are outward focused.  The owner’s interest in philanthropy and family dynamics can open up additional strategies.  Some strategies need years of prep to have the biggest impact. Other strategies can be implemented after the sale, but before taxes are due. 

The transaction is only part of the exit process.  There are a number of other factors that your Wiser Advisor Group advisor can impact.  These range from understanding the “death by 1,000 papercuts” that is the sale process, to understanding the emotional impact of a sale.  A dynamic and fully functional wealth plan will help to understand the multi-generational impact of the sale.

Additional Business Services

Through our sister organization, Wiser Ventures, we are able to offer assistance with raising and managing outside investor funds.  Head to Wiser Venture website for further information

Retirement Plans

Cash Management

Business Sale Strategies

Non-Qualified Plan Management

Fund Raising and Private Placement

The team at Wiser Advisor Group creates interactive plans by integrating business owners' assets into a single view, allowing individuals to track their liabilities and advantages. Our experts study clients' financial goals to ensure our strategies align. We go above and beyond to provide maximum financial security while cultivating a family office-style environment to put clients at ease.

Do you want to optimize your company's financial efforts? If so, contact Wiser Advisor Group online or call 480-231-6660.

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